Baby A

Hello world!

Baby A is speaking here..

Now I’m already 37 weeks on my mom’s uterus. Mrs. Doctor said that I’ll be ready to see the world on November 28th. Yes I know, both my mom and dad wish that I’ll be born on December 4th, fit with their first wedding anniversary. Hohohoho the problem is, I can’t stand ‘mlungker-mlungker’ here for those extended days!

When knowing my presence, mom and dad were very excited. Mom hunted some healthy food directly, but sooner she became an anti-fried fish woman cause everytime she smelled it, she would be sick. It was all because of a place called Ever*****, a long story to be told hihihi..

How about dad? While mom concentrated on food, dad put his attention to search a new house and car. Yes, my dad, a great family man, had commited his self that if mom was pregnant he would prefer accompany her anywhere by a car rather than a motorcycle. He also didnt let mom using such a public transportation like bus, busway, ojek, and so on. In fact, mom sometimes was still stubborn, using those transportation instead of using taxi when my dad was out of the city. “expensive bok!”, mom always said that.

Alhamdulillah, dad got his car, a Europe seven seats car. By the way when he bought it, dad didnt have a driving licence, he even had just started joining a driving class in Bendungan Hilir! Well dad, two thumbs up for your effort!

And how about the house? After looking since 2007 (mom and dad had been searching a new house since they hadnt been married yet), dad found that Pondok Kelapa-East Jakarta was the nearest place where they can afford to buy. The price was still reasonable eventhough it took almost of their saving account. Mom and dad loved the house because it’s just 17 kilometres to Sudirman, my mom’s office. Dad can drop mom first before continue to his office in Imam Bonjol, near Thamrin Area. Besides that, the house has a quite large front yard so I can play on it without going out from it.

Since I was 25 weeks years old (inside here), mom sometimes sounded me somekind of musics. When she was in the office, while resting, mom borrowed her friend’s headset and listened the musics like this..

Or brought it near her stomach like this..

*Btw thanks Uncle Adi Nugroho for the kindness, hope that expensive headset is still fine untill now wkwkwkwk!!*

Mom and dad have prepared a good name for me. The initial is A. I like the name, sounds cool and manly, hope I can be a person to whom my lovely parents wish from. Can’t wait to see you mom and dad! Muah muah muah!


2 thoughts on “Baby A

  1. Wgat song did you listen? Was it Linkin Park, or Sinta Jojo? Hehehehe..

    many songs om tante..

    sometimes pop western like Lady Gaga, Katie Perry, Westlife, etc..
    sometimes Murrotal or classical musics like Beethoven or Mozart.

    thanks for visiting my mom’s blog ya om tante..
    hope the wedding will be held smoothly 🙂

  2. hey new baby born!

    how are you?
    hope you are fine as well..
    congratulation to Ida and Mas Budi .. hoping the son will be the pride of his parents and enlight his parents in heaven

    Halo Oooommm..
    maap baru di-reply, sibuk banget hbs lahiran..

    thanks ya Ald.. same hoping buat Aldi and Diana..

    Muah muah buat Kang Adin..

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